Research & Publications

Our research, which spans four inter-related areas, considers the human rights implications of big data and associated technologies.

The Project is organised around four main areas of research. The first, Rights, Regulation and Remedies, focuses on overarching and synthesising themes.

This is complemented and informed by three in-depth studies:

  • Surveillance an Human Rights – focusing on both State and non-State actors;
  • Health and Human Rights – focusing on the use of big data and associated technologies for accountability and evidence-based approaches to human rights;
  • Advancing Human Rights and Humanitarian Responses – focusing on the use of big data and associated technologies to enhance the protection and promotion of human rights and humanitarian assistance.

The Project uses multiple methodologies, including desk-based research, qualitative interviews, econometrics, comparative case studies and computational techniques.

Our Partners

Queen Mary University of London
University of Cambridge
Eye Witness Media
FXB Center for Health & Human Rights
Human Rights Data Analysis Group
Universal Rights Group
World Health Organisation
Geneva Academy