About Us

Housed at Essex University’s Human Rights Centre with partners worldwide, the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project considers the challenges and opportunities presented by big data and associated technology from a human rights perspective.

Our aim is to map and analyse the challenges and opportunities of the use of big data and associated technology from a human rights perspective, to consider whether fundamental human rights concepts and approaches need to be updated and adapted to meet the new realities of the digital age, and to develop good practice guidelines and propose regulatory responses and remedies from a rights-based perspective.

Funded by a £5 million grant from the Economic and Social Research Council and £1 million from the University of Essex, the Project explores the promises and the perils for human rights in the digital age. Our research is structured around four focus areas, which you can view here and in our Project overview here.

The Project addresses issues ranging from the use of data-driven technologies by police forces to the use of big data to hold duty-bearers to account, considering a spectrum of rights implications, regulation and remedies. Our team is comprised of interdisciplinary researchers and specialists, enabling the Project to draw on a unique breadth and depth of experience in addressing the protection and promotion of human rights in an era of big data.

Our Partners

Queen Mary University of London
University of Cambridge
Eye Witness Media
FXB Center for Health & Human Rights
Human Rights Data Analysis Group
Universal Rights Group
World Health Organisation
Geneva Academy